Sri. Dr.Vijay Prasad Malla

Smt.Aruna Kumari

About Welfare Group

The Wellfare group is a conglomerate of companies & services, setup in the year 1999 as a Pvt. Ltd. Company, having its corporate office in the captivating valley of Visakhapatnam, a port city on Bay of Bengal in the East coast of India with a Reg No : 163595 under companies act 1956. It started with a capital of Rs.10 million and in less than a year the group companies have grown leaps & bounds in to a corporate giant and the statistics prove it. The group companies are the brainchild of the brilliant & dynamic entrepreneurship abilities of Mr. M. Vijay Prasad. The group is in the service of different strata of the society delivering its duties most efficiently by its two strong arms. The Wellfare took its first step with the commencement of Farmland development around the greeneries of Visakha Valley, as it was the first venture to grow into a group. The Wellfare took its next step into Resorts & Construction to form the conglomerate of companies – “The WellFare Group”.

Shelter is one of the most fundamental & important factor among the three basic needs to live, along with food and clothing. Every person has an ultimate dream of owning a house, but due to many obligations it is very difficult for a common person to own a home. The cost of land, material & manpower has become so high, especially in urban areas that a commoner can only dream about a home but not afford one.   Comprehending the needs of a commoner & to realize their dreams, a young man with fervour to serve the society in a novel way, has conceived the idea to set up a socially responsible organization which would be committed in providing a shelter to all & bequeath a differential life to build a strong, healthy & affluent society.

Thus took birth “THE WELLFARE”.

Each day, The Wellfare group wakes with a renewed Zeal, bright ideas & a new feather to its cap. Presently it is occupied with delivering the following services through its two main branches,

Real Estate: Procuring & developing land, creating infrastructure for building shelters to realize “Home for All” – national priority.
Construction: The group is continuously working towards developing prosperous, ambient, healthy & peaceful “homes” in the land procured & developed by the Real Estate Division of the Group.

Farm land Development: Shelter alone cannot be focused. We need farmlands to produce for our needs and protect the environment as well. The Wellfare farmland development division was launched to cater to this need and has developed 1000 hectares of farmland, utilizing the barren lands and converting them into greeneries to increase the national farmland productivity.

Resorts: “All work & no Play makes Jack a dull boy!!” We all need to rejuvenate ourselves from the humdrum life. To cater the needs of the working & business class apart from the rich, The Group has ventured in setting up Resorts located at different pockets of nature, in traditional & cultural backdrop of our rich heritage.

To bridge the basic needs of a common man.

  • To build a strong, healthy & prosperous society.
  • To develop the WELLFARE group into a milestone for a developing society.

The Wellfare Group’s corporate office is located at Visakhapatnam, The City of Destiny, manned by highly professional & dedicated personnel. It is so well organized that it constantly caters the needs of its 360 branches spread across the country in 16 States with an expert & hawk eyed management. The management is well defined & the administration is grouped in to several departments looking after the never-ending tasks & taking the responsibilities of organizational functions more efficiently.

The office is defined as,

  • Administration & Personnel
  • Marketing
  • EDP
  • Estate
  • Finance
  • Accounts
  • Credit Control
  • Liasoning
  • Legal
  • Audit
  • Customer Service
  • IT Department

Each of the Group’s 360 Branches is headed by a Branch Manager to guide the marketing team & to shoulder the responsibilities of the company in its commitment towards its clients on a day-to-day basis locally.

The Wellfare endeavors to promote a lasting alliance with the society based on a strong foundation of commitment and conviction that shall continue to generate confidence in its services. The objectives are achieved by a dedicated & altruistic service to the community.

  • Dreams for a prosperous society.
  • Ambition to realize those Dreams.
  • Zeal to attain Ambition.
  • Perseverance to sustain the Zeal.
  • Planning for the Perseverance.
  • Grey cells to Plan.
  • Dream to plan.
  • Dare to Dream……….The “Wellfare” group.

The professional acumen combined with High performance cerebrums is the key factor in the group’s 250 crore assets and 300 crore turnover with a small beginning of 1 crore – not a small achievement! The result of the Brilliant entrepreneurial flair and far sight of the promoter and their 4,50,000 strong marketing team & 50 Lakh Beloved Customers. The secret of the phenomenal success “Wellfare group”!

Man at the Helm
Mr. Malla Vijay Prasad

a dynamic & ambitious young enthusiast from a small hamlet in Visakhapatnam, hailing from a peasant family, with a dream & vision to see his brethren prosper, launched his long journey on the path towards his vision. On the path to realizing the reverie, he confronted the adversities, hardships, criticism, failures and succeeded ultimately to bring to reality his icon – The Wellfare group
His sacrifices saw the Wellfare group emerge from a small beginning in 1999 with a small capital to a corporate giant with a 250 crore asset base and turnover of 300 crores within a very short span of 9 years.

Crew on Deck
Through the success journey within a short span of time, the group expanded to a 10000 plus strong squad with an appendage of 240 branches across the length & breadth of mother land. This strong team is constantly motivated, co-ordinated, supported, monitored & regularly fed with innovative ideas by a team of 400 PLUS dedicated experts in their relevant fields, positioned in the Group’s Corporate Headquarters at Visakhapatnam.

The strong, dedicated, enthusiastic, visionistic successful team gave the valour to the man at the helm to:

Expand its social responsibilities of providing shelter, recreation for prosperous & productive lives of their brethren by more innovative ventures & schemes to suit everyone’s taste & needs. Plan voyage from inland to the global arena.