Dr.Vijay Prasad Malla

Chairman's Message

Dear parents and prospective students. Welcome to WISTM Engineering College. Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. It is the key that opens the door to a lifetime of opportunities for growth and service. We want you to base your choice of a college on relevant and reliable information. How well it turns out for you will depend primarily on the effort you invest in your own intellectual and professional development. Invest wisely and be assured that WISTM Engineering College pledges its best efforts in helping you attain your educational goals.

As you pursue your studies, please remember that a college education is not entirely academic; it extends beyond the classrooms, laboratories and workshops to campus organizations, seminars, in WISTM Engineering College campus life and that you will also make some commitment to serve your community. Besides being a cause for campus and community development, the effort can be educationally rewarding and personally fulfilling.

Finally, I hope that you will take pride in our college. Members of our faculty are known for their energy and erudition, academic achievements, teaching abilities and devotion to duty. Our standards are challenging and we dedicate ourselves to help you meet those standards. We will judge our success as an institution by how well you succeed in realizing your potential as a student and in your later professional career.

I invite you to visit our magnificent campus, inspect our state of the art facilities, meet and discuss with students and faculty and discover for yourself why so many students are now choosing WISTM to have a brighter career.