Central Library – Rules

The following instructions are to be followed by the students & the staff :

  • The following instructions are to be followed by the students & the staff
  • Students & Faculty must sign in the Gate Register while entering into the Library.
  • While issues or returns of books, Students must maintain a queue.
  • Students & Faculty are advised not to carry bags, and other printed materials into the Library.
  • they are not transferable. In case it is lost the cost of the ticket will be collected from the borrower
  • ISSUE: Only 3 books for the students and 2 text books for allotted subjects for the faculty members.
  • Books will be issued to the students on Loan for a period of 14 days and for one full semester for the Staff.
  • In case a book is lost, the borrower should pay the cost of the Book or Replace the book of the same Author within a week.
  • Before borrowing and accepting the books, the borrower has to verify the condition of the book and return the books in same condition.
  • Absence and illness are not acceptable excuses from paying overdue charges (Fines)..
  • Students are required to submit identity card while taking any book/material from the Library to outside for Xerox purpose.
  • Strict silence should be maintained in the Library.
  • Students are cautioned not to throw any Litter in the Library.
  • Usage of cell Phones either by the student or by the Staff is Prohibited inside the Library
  • Books will be issued only to the students in person, but not threw authorized letters.
  • Students are requested not to replace & misplace the books arranged in the racks from its allotted place..
  • Only 3 tickets will be issued to students and 6 tickets for faculty members