To demonstrate and perform basic principles like flash point & fire point of various fuels, study the effect of temperature on viscosity of various lubricating oils using Redwood Viscometer-1 &2, calibration of pressure gauge, study of valve timing and port timing diagrams of petrol and diesel engines, determination of calorific values of gaseous fuels using Junkers calorimeter, determination of volumetric efficiency of single stage air compressor using tank capacity method and plate orifice method, to determine mass moment of inertia of connecting rod and study of various boiler models , their mountings & accessories. To demonstrate and perform basic principles like carrying out load test on horizontal and vertical diesel engines, to prepare a heat balance sheet for a twin cylinder diesel engine, to determine friction power in four cylinder petrol engine by conducting Morse test, to determine volumetric , isothermal and adiabatic efficiencies of two stage reciprocating air compressor, to draw the displacement and velocity diagrams for slider crank and four bar mechanisms, to find the gyroscopic effect of a rotating disc.