Under the Swachh Bharat cleanliness mission, the government of India introduced Individual Household toilets scheme for sanitation reasons. Most of the villages in India lack private toilets and the villagers have been using the remote open areas and fields for toilets. This is affecting the cleanliness of the respective vicinity, personal hygiene of the individuals, causing many health problems and is a reason for many contagious diseases. So to encourage the villagers, under the Swachh Bharat Scheme the government is funding Rs.15000 for those households who are agreeing to build a toilet. But due to lack of proper awareness, the villagers are ignoring the instructions and are not availing the opportunity. So the honorable Prime Minister of India decreed orders that the educational institutions alongside state governments should play an active role in educating the ignorant.
As a part of this initiation, WISTM Engineering College has responded to the IHHL cause and associated with Grama Panchayat Secretary. On Friday the 27th of October (2017), nearly 120 NSS unit students under the leadership of NSS Programme Officers Dr. Jaya Rao and K. Raj Kumar, have reached out to Gorapalli, a remote village in Pendurthi Mandal, where 67 out of 154 houses have ignored the RDO instructions and are reluctant to build toilets.


WISTM NSS unit students educating Gorapalli villagers on IHHL (27/10/2017)

To extend its role in this great cause, in addition to the government subsidy, as a responsible institution, The Principal of WISTM, Dr.James Stephen has announced a bonus of Rs.1000/- benefit for each toilet to those households who take quick initiative and starts building the toilet within a week. Four households have responded to this and have received the additional financial benefit.


Gorapalli villagers receiving WISTM incentive

Local press has covered this event in the Visakhapatnam district edition of the newspapers the following day.


Andhrajyothi” Excerpt dated: 28/10/17


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