HOD Profile

mech_hod_2017_july Dr. G Ravi Kishore was awarded PhD degree from “Indian Institute of Technology” (IIT Kharagpur). He was a Gold Medalist in Master’s degree,  from “National Institute of Technology” (NIT Surathkal), Karanataka. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from “The Institution of Engineers” India, in the year 2006. Prior to this, he completed his Diploma from Govt. Polytechnic, Visakhapatnam in the year 2001. He completed his schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Sri Vijay Nagar, Visakhapatnam. He has been involved in teaching and research in the areas of Hydraulic Engineering and applied Hydrodynamics for a period of more than six years at IIT, Kharagpur. In addition, he also worked as Assistant Professor in “Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of Engineering” for a period of two years (2009-2011).

He has taught several courses both to Graduate and Post Graduate level students at IIT, Kharagpur, India. These courses include: Fluvial Hydraulics, Fluid Machinery and Turbulence. In addition to classroom teaching, the curriculum for these courses also includes laboratory, field work and tutorial classes.

During his career, he was mainly interested in Hydrodynamics of Submerged Turbulent Plane Offset Jets using both experimental and analytical approaches and wants to continue his research forward on this. He has also attended Workshops on Advances in Hydraulic Modeling and Modeling in Fluvial Processes.

His research is multidisciplinary and involves Fluid Mechanics across Mechanical and Civil Engineering.