Computer Science – HOD Profile

cse_hod           Mrs. K.V.Lakshmi, M.Tech , HOD, Dept of Computer Science, an epitome of diligence and versatility. She is deviceful in thinking and prolific in working, exceedingly optimistic and spontaneous in her approach. She has accomplished her M. Tech from JNTUK. She is guiding 18 U.G and 10 P.G Projects. She’s an extensive experience both in Academics and Administration. She’s published and presented Papers in the National and International Journals and Seminars on myriad themes. She’s appeared for plentiful workshops in the leading Institutions and other esteemed Universities including FDP (Faculty Development Programme) administered by Andhra University.

Department Vision:

To empower the students to become technologically vibrant, innovative and emotionally matured and to train them to face the challenges of the quality conscious globalized world economy.
Department Mission:

To develop a strong theoretical and practical background across the computer science discipline with an emphasis on problem solving.

To achieve Academic Excellence .
To ensure a holistic development of personality.
To transform an aspiring student into a professional Engineer with necessary skills that makes them employable.