Department Profile

The Department of Humanities And Basic Sciences came into force in the year 2009. At present, it has 23committed and qualified faculty handling different subjects like English, Mathematics ,Physics, Chemistry and Statistics. It is headed by Prof. K.JAYA RAO, a dynamic leader with abundant enthusiasm and vigor, who has more than 14 years of experience in teaching. At present the department has 3 Doctorates, 2 members have submitted their Ph.D. thesis. 3 faculty members are pursuing their Ph.D . The faculty members make sincere efforts to prepare learners to enhance their professional etiquettes, acumen for learning and develop critical thinking skills.
The dept is renowned for the strength in research that has to be certainly credited to the invaluable multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary nature. The syllabus helps the students to attain a detailed analytical performance across all of the core areas and all undergraduates at the university are required to study the Humanities and Sciences, regardless of their specialization.”
All the faculty members of staff are easily accessible to students for advice and guidance on academic matters. The department has three well-equipped and spacious labs namely, Language and Communication Skills Lab , Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab with the best infrastructure
The H & BS department has been successful in its mission in guiding the students to develop holistically by enhancing their academic, professional, social and global competencies.