Department Profile

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and broadest of the engineering disciplines. It is perhaps the most “broad-based” of the engineering disciplines. The graduates from mechanical engineering can find exciting careers in aerospace, automobile design, consumer electronics, biotechnology and bioengineering, software engineering, and business.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at WISTM is well equipped with sophisticated labs to meet students’ academic and practical requirements. The B.Tech Mechanical Engineering course will provide you with advanced knowledge and skills in key aspects of mechanical engineering. Throughout the duration of this course you will develop a critical awareness of ethical and environmental considerations, in addition to learning about advanced mechanical engineering practice and theory.

The material delivered in interactive seminars is designed to enhance your capabilities as an independent learner. Individual attendance and your participation in group work is essential to your learning and as such forms part of your summative assessment. You will be expected to participate in the seminars, tutorials and practical classes having completed directed pre-reading and preparation tasks provided by your tutor. Additional directed learning will be provided to support the development of your skills base.