Department Profile

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was established in the year 2008. The department offers a four year degree program in Computer Science and Engineering with an annual intake of 60 students. The department is equipped with excellent computing facilities and has highly qualified faculty, specialized in various areas. The facilities include smart classrooms, fully equipped laboratories, department library, computer facilities, classy internet facilities (8MBps), Wi-Fi facility, seminar hall etc.
Department of Computer Science and Engineering is associated with “MICROSOFT Ed-Vantage Platinum Level Campus” , which was established in the year 2012. 

Department Vision
To empower the students to become technologically vibrant, innovative and emotionally matured and to train them to face the challenges of the quality conscious globalized world economy.
Department Mission
• To develop a strong theoretical and practical background across the computer science discipline with an emphasis on problem solving.
• To achieve Academic Excellence.
• To ensure a holistic development of personality.
• To transform an aspiring student into a professional Engineer with necessary skills that makes them employable.

Department Laboratories
The Computer Labs are artistically and ergonomically designed, where students get an opportunity to develop their skills according to the global needs and international standards. WISTM has high-end computing and network resources for the academic and research programs. The students and staff have access to software tools and systems to execute real-life projects. The institute strives to make learning more creative, interactive and information driven by using sophisticated computer techniques. The Centre would offer training and software development apart from being a support service for the faculty, students and staff.
The computer labs are fully air-conditioned and is backed up by high caliber UPS to ensure uninterrupted operations.
• C Programming Lab
• Advanced Data Structures Lab
• Object Oriented Programming Lab
• Advanced English Communication Skills Lab
• Microprocessors and Interfacing Lab
• Web Technologies Lab
Laboratory is designed for use in data communication, computer networking and telecommunication courses. These labs enable students to experiment with various communication protocols and concepts using a workstation, a PC or a network of workstations. The students are able to design protocols, implement them in a simulation environment and graphically and quantitatively analyze their performance.
The Lab has an excellent collection of basic components in all ranges for conducting in all ranges for conducting practical experiments. There are 13 identical workstations with wide range of hardware and software development tools for the design and development of 8085/8086 microprocessor based applications. The lab has 8085 kits, 8086 kits and 8051 Micro Controller kits with power supplies. The lab has a good collection of add-on cards for interfacing. 5 cathode ray oscilloscope of 20 MHz range are available in the lab. Digital IC trainers of 10 BIT are also available. To work on this all the necessary digital and linear ICs are available. This lab gives a helping hand for promising students in the fast growing technology. This lab gives students the practical exposure to Assembly language programming of microprocessors, computer architecture of 8085/8086 microprocessor family, assembly program development using debugger software, use of flow charts and other aids in software development, memory and I/O interfacing circuitry for microprocessors, interrupts, serial and parallel data communications.