Concrete Lab

For buildings and civil engineering structures of all kinds, concrete is the most widely used construction material in the world. In order to attain the objectives of sustainable development and to construct durable concrete structures, applied and fundamental studies are of paramount importance in this field. The Concrete Lab in the Department of Civil Engineering is well equipped with the laboratory equipments. An amount of Rs 11.64 lacks has been spent for Concrete Technology Lab for its establishment.
The laboratory tests that are conducted are, Specific gravity and unit weight of cement, coarse and fine aggregates, determination of normal consistency of cement, initial and final setting time, fineness of cement, determination of compressive strength of cement (for different grades of cement), bulking characteristics of sand, sieve analysis of coarse and fine aggregates and classification as per IS 383, Workability tests on green concrete by slump cone, compaction factor apparatus, flow table, Vee-Bee consistometer, tests on Hardened concrete by compressive Strength, split tensile strength, modulus of rupture, Case studies on Framed structures and Plate girder bridges.