Geotechnical Engg

Laboratory testing is a significant part of soil characterization. The Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory in the Department of Civil Engineering is well equipped to enablehands-on learning and practice by students on the properties and applications of soil from engineering point of view.An amount of Rs 13.34 lacks has been spent for Geo-technical Engineering Lab for the Laboratory establishment.
The equipment available in the Geotechnical Laboratory are :
1) Direct shear apparatus, 2) TriaxialCompression test apparatus including Bishop’s pore pressure devise&Sensitive volume change gauge,3) Unconfined Compression Tester, 4) Consolidation apparatus- Three gang, 5) California Bearing Ratio Test Apparatus, 6) Swell pressure test apparatus, 7) Lab Vane shear apparatus, 8) Relative Density Apparatus, 9) Infrared Moisture Meter, 10) Speedy moisture meter,11) Sample Extractor 12) Casagrande’sLiquid limitApparatus, 13) Uppal’s Cone penetrometer for Liquid limit,14) Plastic limit apparatus, 15) Shrinkage limit apparatus,16) Core cutter for in-situdensity,17) Sand replacement apparatus for in-situ density,18) Sievesfor Grainsize analysis, 19) Automatic Sieve shaker, 20) Pipette for sedimentation analysis, 21) Hydrometer for sedimentation analysis,22) Pyknometerfor Specific gravity, 23) Density bottle for Specific gravity, 24) Falling head permeability apparatus, 25) Constant head permeability apparatus26) LightCompactionapparatus, 27) Oven,28) Digital Balance (15kg/ 0.1g) and Digital Balance (0.3kg/0.1mg).